I never anticipated the response to a single post that I experienced last week when I shared my silent pain. It sounds cliche, but I was absolutely overwhelmed by the comments, texts, emails and calls I received. I learned that there are many, many others that deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Not that a blanket post would somehow cover it all, but please accept my sincere thank you for all of the support. When you open yourself up and are transparent, you really do find out who your friends are and who your community is. No greater example of that, than what I witnessed last week. Thank you all.

I said in the post that I wasn’t going to keep posting about this topic, but I did want to share several positive updates. Especially for those of you that said you would be praying for me, there is power in prayer.

All of my blood work came back great. To quote my doctor – “Your labs are wonderful. This tells me that your body is working normal in all areas.”

One of my greatest concerns has been the pain in my chest, shoulders and shoulder blades. My chest XRay returned 100% normal.

My doctor prescribed a very low dosage of a drug called Lyrica (you’ve probably seen the commercials) for me to try. I am NOT a pill taker. It’s the last option and I’ll exhaust any means necessary before I start taking them. At the end of my rope, I agreed to give this one a try. I am thrilled to report that so far, the pain has been greatly reduced. This is a huge, huge relief. I have felt like a new person the last several days. I am going to take it for another week and then try it for a few days without and see what happens. So far, so good though.

Thank you as well to all that responded with recommendations of doctors, therapies, natural medicines and options. Again, I was overwhelmed by your kindness and concern. Each recommendation was received and I will keep them in mind should I need any moving forward.

This is a praise post though. If it’s any kind of “marker” I have been unable to run more than 4 miles at a time for the last several months (I used to run 1/2 marathons relatively easily). Last week I ran 6 miles on back-to-back days. I paid for it, but it was such an encouragement and blessing to feel better again. The prayers and possibly the medicine are having an impact. Thank you friends. Thank you Lord. This is a journey and it’s one I know I will not walk alone. Thank you all for your friendship and support.

Love does.