I love this town. Last night around 9:45 I was less than pleased. Chris Perez had just blown a critical save for the Indians…..again. With so much riding on every win and loss at this point in the season, our beloved Indians cannot afford to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It doesn’t help when the guy serving up the home runs (2 in the 9th inning last night) has been less than appreciative of the fan base and his own teammates. But there we were. As Bob Baptist tweeted…

These were my thoughts exactly. So many times we’ve seen this movie. So many times we’ve witnessed the heartbreak. The “Cleveland Sports Heartbreak” is usually played before any meaningful game on sports networks. With apologies to Journey….for a few minutes last night I stopped believin’. Then this happened….

By now you’ve probably heard about it or read it on facebook. We Clevelanders got pretty excited. It was one of those memorable moments that doesn’t make that heartbreak loop they always show. It was one of those “where were you when” moments. Unfortunately my kids were in bed so they missed it (although I’m surprised I didn’t wake them up celebrating). That is why I love this city. It’s a dump, but it’s our dump. It’s our Camelot. As Sean Connery said in the movie “First Knight” –

This is the heart of Camelot, not these stones, not these timbers, these palaces and towers. Burn them all and Camelot lives on, because it lives in us. Camelot is a belief that we hold in our hearts.

Cleveland and our sports are a belief that we hold in our hearts. Even if I live 2 hours south now, I still believe in the 216. I know this magic ride the Indians are taking us on will come to an end. I know there are other teams that have bigger payrolls and better players. But we hold a belief in our hearts and appreciate the escape from everything else for 9 innings each night.

I love ya Cleveland.