9805031I’m not sure if you are like we are, but thanks to digital cameras, we have tons and tons and tons of videos and pictures. Last week I got into a late night project moving those files around and archiving them and discovered we had 100GB of photos from the last 13 years. That’s a lot. I can’t complain though because it was 100GB of wonderful memories. Sometimes we get so busy we forget how quickly life moves and how treasured the moments are. Thank God for pictures and video.

I was recently looking through my blog archives for something and was reminded that my family and I were on quite a journey just 12 months ago. We were entering a season of launching into something completely new and different. We had no idea what we were doing. We just launched into the unknown and said “do it again.”

Take a minute and watch this clip.

“Do it again”

I’m not sure if you heard it in the clip (no, not the Marvin Gaye song in the background…) but my favorite part is how he would say “I wanna do it again.” After each fall back to earth (and my midsection), he would climb back up and simply say “I wanna do it again.” As I look back on the journey my family has been on the last 12 months, it’s been a lot like this clip. There have been moments of complete thrills and abandonment as we launched into the air and the unknown. There was fear in launching into unknowns, but we always knew that our feet were held firmly by our Father. There have been moments of disappointment as that launch ended and we crashed back down. Yet each time, we climbed back up and said “do it again.”

I’m not sure what you’re walking through today. I’m not sure what life has handed you the last 12 months. I don’t know if you’re in the midst of a hands up thrill ride, or the joy has come to a crashing end. Let me encourage you to not get stuck on the down time. Even if you’re there right now. Get back up on the knees of your Father and simply say “do it again.”┬áLaunch into the unknown with your hands lifted in complete abandonment. There are more moments ahead. There’s another ride just a launch away.

Do it again!