Like most guys I know, I’m a big fan of David. How could you not be? He is every man. He was a warrior. He was a king. He made HUGE mistakes. He paid for those mistakes. He made more mistakes and somehow he was a “Man after Gods own heart.” We all know the story. It’s been in coloring books and on velvet boards in Sunday School rooms for as long as we’ve been around. David and Goliath. The ultimate underdog. Great stuff (did you catch the fun part of that image above by the way). Yet my favorite part of the entire story is in these few words in 1 Samuel 17:48….

 “David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him”

How do you like that? It doesn’t say “David shook as he walked out to meet him” or “David feared as he slowly went out to meet him.” What is says is that David RAN QUICKLY out to meet him. If you’re going to face your giant, why slowly approach it? Why not go right after it and let it know that this one is going to go in your win column. You might get a little beat up in the process, but run out and meet that giant.

Meet it.

Own it.

Beat it.

Be free from it.

If you think I’m preaching something I’m not practicing, know that I am running towards one of my giants today. I’m done with this one. It’s going down and it won’t be from my strength. The battle is not my own. As the song says “stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.” Your prayers, however, would be appreciated.

Put on your running shoes.

Grab a stone (or Angry Bird)

And lets face our giants and claim victory.

Praying for each of you today.