86e8e67edae9219d12d438efd5f5a939_LOut of the mouths of babes. Sometimes I am amazed how something as simple as a conversation with one of my kids can be so life giving. Such a conversation took place tonight as my 10 year old (AKA Princess 1.0) and I were driving to the store. First, let me give you a little bit of context. I covered it several months ago in THIS POST, but prior to this summer, we decided to explore other sports and end her gymnastics career. It was all she had ever known and there were several emotions. It was a tough conversation, but one she really has never said much about since that time. She has moved on to several different sports and tonight begins a new chapter playing travel basketball. Which now leads us to our conversation. As we drove, I simply asked her if she misses gymnastics, to which she replied:

“Not really, I just miss my teammates.”

It was kinda like this –

Isn’t that so true in each one of us too? I know I’m reading entirely too much into this, but I am a firm believer in community. Community can happen on sports teams, work places, church and anywhere else that we find ourselves on a regular basis. Community can happen in our neighborhoods, small groups and around the water cooler. The best communities intertwine all of the above. We do life together with others. We share our burdens with others. We encourage and come alongside one another when the way is rough. Like my daughter was basically saying, you may not miss the places, but you will sure miss the people.

So, the question today is who are you doing life with? Who are your “teammates?”

Like my daughter, we transition in life through different seasons and “teams.” Tonight she will begin a new journey with new teammates and new community. My guess is that in no time, she’ll be doing life with new teammates and that gap she currently feels will no longer be a void. There’s a lesson for me in that as well. Life can take us on a lot of different paths and journeys. Along the way, we gain and lose teammates. Some bonds are so strong that they can withstand the changes of teams. Others may not be worth pursuing. But when you go to battle with others, bonds are formed and community is created.

Who is your community? Who are your teammates? Who are you doing life with?