Today is the 95th Birthday of the incredible Reverend Billy Graham. One of the most recognizable and respected men to walk this earth, Billy Graham has influenced Presidents, changed lives and inspired millions. He will leave a legacy that no one will match. He is on record as saying that he has “One sermon left in him” and when the time is right, he will deliver it.

Tonight is that night.

Tonight, to mark his 95th Birthday, Billy Graham will share “My Hope America” with all that will watch it. You can find your local stations and times (HERE).

With all that Billy Graham has done in his 95 years, I believe it is the least that we can do to hit pause on our lives and hear what he has to say. He’s earned that right. He’s prepared this message. I think we can all agree that this nation could use some hope.

Check your local listings (HERE)

You can also watch it online at

Spread the word.

Gather your family and loved ones.

Pay your respects to Billy Graham by hearing his one last sermon.