skidToday’s work agenda called for me to travel to Steubenville, Ohio early this morning. After dropping off “the boy” I immediately headed east for the approximately 3 hour journey. Getting to the freeway required several red traffic lights. I didn’t get too upset because the ETA on my GPS put me at my destination with some buffer time. This is not always the case. Lights can be a distraction, especially when we’re so busy and in a hurry. Slow traffic can also cause my chronically trending high blood pressure to jump a few points too.

About an hour or so into my journey, I came up on an accident that had just taken place. The smell of burning rubber was thick and the tracks on the freeway were fresh. No sooner did I pass the semi off the road in a ditch, the ambulance was just arriving. The police weren’t even there yet. I’m guessing I missed this accident by about 3-5 minutes. Roughly the time of one of those traffic lights.


Immediately my thoughts and prayers went to the driver of the vehicle. Seeing that help was on the way and arriving, I knew there was nothing I could do. I kept on my journey but I couldn’t help but think that we all have a date circled on our calendar (the driver of the truck was fine). When I left the house this morning I didn’t think for a moment that today could have been mine. As I sat at those lights or thought through the presentation I was giving later, I never entertained how thankful I would be to live to fight another day. You can bet I was thankful afterwards for that cold realization….

and for those traffic lights.