What a game tonight for the 7th grade Hilliard Wildcats. The Boy has been working so hard in and out of practice. The first two games of the season, he came off of the bench as the 6th man. He worked his way into the starting lineup for the last 4 games. Because he plays the “4 or 5” position, he doesn’t get many touches or opportunities to shoot. He’s never complained. He’s just gone out and worked hard. He’s played defense, set screens and rebounded. He’s done whatever the coach asked him to do.

Tonight, they fought a very tough team. It was a mentally and physically demanding game. The officiating was just terrible. Even I lost it at one point and stood up to share my displeasure at a particular call (you can’t call timeout when the ball is in the air and no one has possession!!!!). Anyway. They were down throughout the game by 10 or more. With about 2 minutes to go, they were down by 7. I leaned over to my wife and said “he’s going to hit the game winning shot.” Something in me just knew. I can’t explain it.

With under a minute to go he was fouled. They were down by 2. He stepped to the line and sank both free throws. Tie game. I leaned over again and said “he’s going to hit the game winner.” The other team inbounded the ball. Pressure defense took over and we got the ball back with 19.1 left on the clock. The video below shows what happened next.

Unbelievable. He was mobbed by his teammates and the release of all of that pressure he’s been putting on himself came flowing out. I’m so proud of this kid. The game winning shot it special. What I am most proud of is that he has never stopped working. He’s never complained. That shot fell because he’s taken literally thousands of them during practice. Stay humble 45. But it’s okay if your dad brags on you a little.

Love ya kid!