6a00d8341c5bb353ef0134899cb209970cI’m not a resolution guy. I don’t make a list of things that I’ll end up breaking. It’s not that there are a few things that couldn’t stand to get my act together on, or lose, or quit. I’ve just never been one to make resolutions. This year will be different. In many ways, this is a wave that has been building throughout 2013 and is crashing to the shore in 2014. You ready? Here it is….

In 2014, I resolve to make the name of Jesus famous.

That’s it. I’m not joining a gym or some 12 step program (although there’s nothing wrong with that). I am just going to make it my personal filter to make the name of Jesus famous. I’ve heard that phrase before. I heard it again recently and for the first time it struck a chord. Because I’m not good at that. I want to make His name famous.

Not a TV celebrity.

Not a Pastor.

Not a Church.

Not a musician.

Not an athlete.

Not a sports team.

Not a fast food restaurant.

Not a retailer.

Not an author.

Not a book.

Not a website.

I could go on and on because when I look at the timeline of those things I have made a priority this year, there are a TON of them. I’ve done a lot to mention these things. I’ve thrown my support around just about everything. It’s not that you can’t or I won’t do this, but am I doing anything to make Jesus, first and foremost, famous? If I put that in perspective, the list above and all that I didn’t mention should fall into their rightful place as well.

In 2014, I resolve to make the name of Jesus famous.