Grace Week – Day Six


It’s Saturday. I was going to end this “Grace Week” yesterday but this morning I felt like this needed to be said today. Someone somewhere needs to know that it’s Saturday. I know we all know it’s Saturday on our calendar, but the Saturday of grace week can be a lonely place. Imagine the isolation and hopelessness that all those close to Jesus felt on this Saturday so many years ago.

Everything they had hoped for was gone.

They were scattered.

Their plans were shattered.

They left everything for a man that was now gone.

What now? Where do you turn? How do you begin to rebuild? I don’t know about you but I’ve been in “Saturdays” in my life too. My hopes came crashing down. What I thought would be turned out to be nothing but isolation. In this life, there will be Saturdays. There will be moments when nothing seems to be as it should.

But Sunday happened.

God rolled away a stone and rocked their world. On Saturday, though it seemed lost, things were happening behind that big ol’ rock. Things were happening in that tomb. God was at work though it appeared he had walked away in their desperation.

He’s doing the same for you.

When the stone is rolled away on this season of your life, it all begins to make sense. Today may be lonely, but don’t lose heart. Your Sunday is coming. It may not appear to be what you hoped or thought, but your Sunday is coming.

Hold on friends.

Sunday is a stone roll away.

Amazing Grace.

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