The other day I had lunch with a few other people and heard one of the most interesting statements. I immediately put it in my mental “keeper” file. The point of the discussion isn’t all that important, but what one of the people said was. In making an analogy about dating, she simply said “it’s like being single. You’re either single for a reason, or you’re single for a season.


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that before but I had not. Thankfully (and honestly by Gods grace alone), I’m not single anymore. But if we applied that logic to so many other things, I find it even more profound.

You’re either out of work for a reason, or out of work for a season.

You’re either depressed for a reason, or depressed for a season.

You’re either sick for a reason, or sick for a season.

You’re either struggling for a reason, or struggling for a season.

Everything is either going well for a reason, or going well for a season.

You can insert just about anything into that sentence. When I did, it gave perspective. That simple statement reminded me that things happen for a reason but they also happen for a season. When I consider that, it either gives me a push to figure out the reason, or the perspective to realize it’s just a season.

Reasons give us motivation to change

Seasons give us hope for change

Reasons cause us to evaluate self

Seasons cause us to hold on for what might be next

Whatever you’re going through today, consider that you’re either going through it for a reason, or you’re going through it for a season.

*Originally posted March 2013