A few years ago there was a song called “The Blessing” by an artist named John Waller. He didn’t have a huge career but he put out several good songs in a short period of time. “The Blessing” was one of the best songs he released. It was a powerful reminder that we have a choice each day.

Because blessings and curses are choices
Will we build up?
Tear down?
The moment of truth is now!

So why in the world am I bringing this up now and why in the world did I use an image from Christmas Vacation? The image is self explanatory (“They want you to say the blessing!!!). I bring up this song because over the course of the last week I have witnessed what it looks like when others choose to be a blessing.

Last week I reached out to an online friend I have never met “in real life.” His name came to me as I was running one day and praying over who could be someone to stand in the gap for me. I remembered that he shared a similar experience once publicly. I was nervous to contact him, but I did. He’s been standing in that gap for me and then some. Each day, every few hours, my friend was texting encouragement, prayers and inspiration. He chose to be a blessing. He could have laughed at my request. He could have said “no” (and that would have been okay considering we have never met in real life).  He said “yes” and then stepped up to be a blessing in a huge way. Thank you friend. Thank you for being a blessing.

Later in the week I received a notification that a high school classmate had passed away. My immediate response was audibly saying “Ah man! No!!!” I couldn’t help it. I didn’t know this classmate really well, but she was always so positive on facebook. I knew she struggled with some physical challenges. I didn’t realize that these challenges apparently contributed to her untimely passing. What I found incredible was how many people mentioned how positive and encouraging and kind she was. In the midst of physical pain and struggles, my former classmate chose to be a blessing.  All those that knew her will remember her as a blessing.

The other night another friend shared a story with me that was absolutely unbelievable. She has walked a very difficult road the last few years. She faces a situation that requires incredible strength and courage. I say her story was unbelievable because I had absolutely no idea that she walks this road. I never knew that she was facing a daily situation that is more than I think I could handle. She has every reason to not encourage others. She has every right to only take care of what she needs to and not be involved with others. She doesn’t. She is one of the most encouraging people I have met. I was blown away to find out all she had been through and inspired by her strength. In the midst of unthinkable tragedy, she’s made the choice to be a blessing to others.

These are three examples I have experienced in the past week. The reality is that you and I meet people every day that choose to be a blessing. You and I are given a choice each moment of each day too. Do we allow our struggles, pain, suffering and problems to be a curse or a blessing? Do we raise others even when we feel like we need someone to lift us up?

Because blessings and curses are a choice.

Choose to be a blessing.