Praying for Two One Six Point Five


I need your help. In some ways I hope this helps us both. You see, I’ve got this little race run on the calendar on Sunday, August 24th. Somehow I let my friend talk me out of running retirement to join him for a quarter marathon. Thanks to a host of physical issues and limitations, running is no joy for me. I honestly hate it. I get caught up in comparing what I could once do with what I can no longer do and I get incredibly frustrated. I’m what you would call a wee bit “competitive.”

As I was out trying to get ready for this upcoming race run, it hit me that I needed to take the focus off of myself. I needed to focus on something else.

So I prayed for someone else.

That is when it hit me. Running is a discipline. Running breaks you down and leaves you vulnerable. What a better time to pray than when you aren’t in your own way? That was a part of this plan. That’s when the next thing hit me…

When it comes to prayers prayed vs. prayers promised, I am “that guy.”

I need to develop the discipline of regularly praying for not only those I say I will pray for, but others that come to mind as well. So an idea has been hatched. I’m calling it my “Two One Six” plan for race day and I need your help.

Two minutes of prayer for..

One Person while I run…

Six Point five miles.

The way I see it, I can pray for at least 30 people over the course of that race run. I plan to literally write your names on my arm and every 2 minutes begin praying for the next name.

Any prayer

Any person.

So I need your help. I need names and requests. You can either leave them in the comments or email them to me at

Let’s do this….




16 thoughts on “Praying for Two One Six Point Five

  1. Great idea Aaron! I thought about doing that same qtr marathon, but I’m thinking that will have to be a 2015 goal. My family could always use prayers, if you have room for us in your allotment! Prayers for health, strength, healing (specifically my parents’ MS), and most importantly, continued spiritual growth. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers too, buddy. Best wish!

  2. Kelly Sherman…. breast cancer is causing her anger and fear and I request prayers for her..our neighbor and friend, to find strength and courage in her battle.

    1. You bet Erin. Our entire community is touched and praying for Kelly. Such a wonderful spirit. I will be praying for her each day between now and the race and especially on race day.

  3. Looks like you need a few more. 🙂 I think you know both of my sisters, but I now you know Crystal. Her oldest, Erica, starts as a freshman at Olivet this weekend. BIG adjustment for all. So, you can pray for Crystal and Eric and also for Erica. My older sister Kathy had a job interview on Wed that she is waiting to hear about. It would be a great opportunity and require a move. I could use prayer as I am an empty nester stay at home mom trying to figure out my place in the world. 🙂 I started subbing at the school last year and wouldn’t mind subbing at least 3 days a week. Thanks Aaron!! Good luck with your run! I know they are hard to do without already having your physical state not being up to par. God Bless!!

    1. Thanks for adding to the list Susan! Count on all of those you mentioned and the requests being covered. I’m up to 41 names so I can take my good sweet time finishing this run. Thanks again!

  4. Hey, Aaron. I could really use some prayer right now over my life. I’ll spare you the details. He already knows them all. But, if you could add me to your list, I’d be really appreciative.

  5. Aaron, we would appreciate prayers for decisions we need to make regarding our house. There are several very expensive repairs to be done (that the insurance denied) but a lack of funds. We really need some guidance.
    Thank you.

    1. I absolutley understand that request Tara as we just finished a “Project Money Pit” on our house too. We did what we could but could have done more. Praying you have clarity in all decisions.

  6. What a great idea Aaron. I will also keep you in prayer for the race. Please pray for my great nephew Nash (age 2) who recently had hernia surgery and is waiting for a kidney transplant. He’s a trooper!

  7. Aaron,
    Just a real privilege to pray for you as you pray for me. As one person said, He knows all the details. Depression and some health issues; I know the plans He has for me….for hope and a future (not perfect, but close). God bless you and your family.. You all are so special.

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