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I’m Overwhelmed


There are days. There are moments. There are times when you just feel overwhelmed.

There are times when no matter how many cutbacks you’ve made, no matter how many pennies you’ve pinched, there just isn’t enough check for the budget needs.

There are mornings when physical pain greets you and mental strain beats you.

There are so many distractions that your reactions become smaller and smaller.

There is drama in the social feeds and drama in the things we “need.”

I don’t know about you but there are days, there are moments, there are times when I just feel overwhelmed.

Let me ask you a question…..

When was the last time you felt overwhelmed.….by the Creator of this Universe?

When was the last time you hit pause on all of the above and just took a moment to consider the wonder of a child being born, nature, the human body and how if you’re breathing right this moment, there’s a reason to celebrate.

When was the last time, no matter what you feel like at this very moment, you considered how ordained and providential each one of the steps you take have been?

A few weeks ago I stood in church and was overwhelmed in worship. I wasn’t enjoying a performance, I was moved to a place of being overwhelmed by the knowledge that..

I am created for a purpose

I am loved by God

I am redeemed.

I am blessed to have each minute of each day I am here.

Today I choose to be overwhelmed not by the trappings, drama, struggles and pains of this life…

I choose to be overwhelmed by the One that created me.

I choose to be overwhelmed by the knowledge that He “knit me together.”

I choose to be overwhelmed not by what I have, but what I’ve been given.

If I’m going to be overwhelmed, let me be overwhelmed by that.

Be overwhelmed today.




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  • beejsteph · October 10, 2014

    Can’t Say I Have Ever Been Overwhelmed By God In the Exact Same Way…I Have Been In A Place Where I Wonder How It Is That I Am Still Alive After All The Things My Body Has Gone Through…And ALL The ways That I Mistreated My Body While I Was Out There Using And Abusing Every Form Of Drug And Alcohol I Could Find. I Am Glad That I Have Made The Choice To Stay sober For The Last 29 Yrs. Anyway….The Only Thing I Get Overwhelmed By When I Walk Into Church Is…Why Am I Here?…I Am NOT Good Enough To Be In This Place. Not That I Am Not Good Enough To Be Saved, And Have A Relationship With God. But So Many People That I Have Unfortunately Known…Have A Way Of Letting Me Know That I Am Somewhat Of An Offense To Them… They Don’t Mind Coming To My House For Dinner, Or A BBQ And Football Party…But They Certainly Don’t Want Us To Be Seen Together By Their Friends. And Not That They Don’t Love Taking FULL ADVANTAGE Of My Cooking, And Cleaning Skills…And Taking Advantage Of Me For What Little My Son And I Have…They Make Me Feel Guilty If I Don’t Take Them To Get Groceries, Or Do Their Errands. But When I Invite Them To Go To Church Or To Go To A Meeting With Me…Which MOST Of Them DESPERATELY NEED…They Let Me Know That Most People In Church Have Treated My Son And I Like Trash…Like Dirt Under Their Feet. And You Know I Can’t Say I Disagree With Them. At Least My Unsaved Friends Don’t Have 2 Sides To Themselves…They Don’t Pretend To Love God One Side And Treat The Unfortunate So Badly With The Other Side. At Least With My Unsaved Friends…I Know What to Expect…What you See Is What you Get.
    I Don’t Really Know Where I Am Going With This…But I Do Know That As Of Late…Every Time I think About Being Around “CHRISTIAN” People..Especially Knowing The Holidays Are Coming Up…It Overwhelms Me To Know That When I Am Around The Same CHRISTIAN People Who Say They Love God…Yet Hurt The Ones Who Are Trying So Hard To Walk Out Their Faith…It Just Really Hurts Me To Go To Church And Know What People Think Or Have Said To Me About My Son And I. I Just Can’t Be Around People Who Are Like That. When I Was Growing Up In The Amish/Mennonite Faith …I Heard MANY Times, “Those Who Trim Themselves To Suit Others Will Soon Whittle Away.” And That Is How I Feel When I am Around Church People…That They Have Trimmed Themselves To Suit What Everyone Else Wants Them To Be And Do.
    Aaron, I Must Say That One Of The Things That Impresses Me The Most About You…Is That You Don’t Trim Yourself To Suit Others, You Are Who You Are By God’s Design, And You Live Your Life Exactly That Way. You Don’t Live Your Life To Suit Others Or Make Them Happy. Well I Do Know One Lady That You Live Your Life To Make Very Happy,..And She IS The Love Of Your Life!! (Heather) :) . So I Don’t Know If Anything That I Said Made Sense…But I Also Know That You Won’t Judge Me For It Either!! Which Is Something I So Love And Admire About You & Heather And Love That You Raise Your Kids That Way!!

    • aaron · October 10, 2014

      Totally understand BJ. You’re too kind with regards to my family and I. Check out your facebook feed. I left you a note there about checking out It might be just the right thing for you all right now in this season. I love Pete and the entire staff at Cross Point. I think you’ll both really like him too.

      • beejsteph · October 10, 2014

        I Thank You For Your Reply. But I Will NEVER Think I Am Being TOO Kind In My Comments Regarding You And Your Beautiful Family! I Believe In My Heart (Until You Tell Me Otherwise) That You & Your Beautiful Bride :) Treat My Son And I, The Way That Jesus Would. I Would Never Hold You Any Higher Than God Would Have Of Me…As I Would Never Want To Cause You To Fall Or Myself To Stumble Either. But I Do think That Like I Said…Your Talk Matches Your Walk…And That Is MORE IMPORTANT To Me Than Most Anything Else!! Anyone Can Say They Are A Christian, And Anyone Can Be A Pastor…But It Takes A Real Man To Have A PASTOR’S Heart!! I Have Said That To You On More Than One Occasion…That Just Because You Aren’t Behind A Pulpit On Sundays And Wednesdays..Doesn’t Make You A Pastor!! TRULY Aaron, You Have A Pastors Heart, And That Doesn’t Make You Perfect…It Makes You Love People The Way God Loves You!! Thanks For Being Such A Great Friend!! :)

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