As summer comes to an end, we do our best to make one final memory by going to Kings Island each year. It was a bit more challenging this year, but thanks to some discount tickets and good timing, we were able to make it happen again. The kids are old enough to enjoy all of the roller coasters and thrill rides now. Princess 2.0 is not a fan. She made it very clear last year at the park when she firmly yelled “I HAVE FEARS!!” While the rest of us hit the rides, she gladly stands by the workers at the exit gate.

Maybe I’m getting older but after the first twisty ride o’ death, I was feeling a little green. After the second one, I was pretty glad I hadn’t had a big breakfast. By the third ride, I was done. As we pulled into the gate, I was sweating, nauseous and dizzy. I gladly took some time off with Princess 2.0 as the other 3 rode their day away. The interesting thing was thatĀ fromĀ park open to park close, Princess 2.0 held my hand. All day, from ride to ride, she held my hand. She remained very close to my side. This isn’t unusual, but it was noticable.

In late September we grabbed the opportunity one unseasonably warm day to do some creek walking at a local park. The water was so dark you couldn’t see to the bottom and the footing was unknown. As soon as our feet hit the water, Princess 2.0 found her way to me again, holding my hand. The entire time we walked the creek, she held my hand. Ironically enough, I was the only one that lost his balance and fell. Regardless, Princess 2.0 found some peace in holding my hand in these troubled waters.

That was a lot of set up for one very simple thought today….

We are, as a nation, in unknown waters. When I say “unknown” I mean that I don’t know if we should be concerned about potential threats (ISIS, Ebola, Economy) or if the media hype of it all. Some of you may feel like 2.0 did at the amusement park and are screaming “I HAVE FEARS.” So let me ask you something today.

Who holds your hand?

In other words, where do you find the comfort that 2.0 found in holding my hand at the amusement park and in the local creek? I didn’t have the answers, I actually feel and felt ill on the rides. I fell in the creek. Somehow, she found peace and comfort from her fears in each place by simply holding my hand.

I can’t give any answers for where all our fears are headed. I know I have many concerns as a provider and protector in our home. I’m trying to find some balance between being a “doomsday prepper” and not having my head in the sand. As the old song says

Many things about tomorrow

I don’t seem to understand

But I know who holds the future

And I know who holds my hand.

We are in unprecidented times. There are fears of outbreaks. We’re at war with a brutal enemy. My IRA is plummeting. Finances are razor thin.


I also have PEACE.

I know who holds the future

and I know who holds my hand.

Do you?