My Mom passed away in March of 2010 leaving an incredible legacy. My parents relocated to Houston a few years before that so we felt like it was appropriate to host a memorial service in Cleveland for the many lives she touched there. During the service we had an open time of sharing if anyone felt led to.

One women stood up and shared her story with us. She shared that she was broken and how my Mom reached out to her at a very low point in her life. She said that it made all of the difference to her and her faith and now she is well on her way to recovery. Then she said words I will never, ever forget.

“Your Mom looked at me and saw that……I was fixable.”

I love that.

“I was fixable.” The more I reflected on that in the hours that followed the service, I couldn’t help but think about how we’re all broken and for that reason, we are fixable.

“We’re not broken, we’re just bent.” -P!nk

What many of us need most often is someone to care. We need someone else to see that we are fixable and show us the way. We need to be that someone to others as well. Think about that today.

If you’re broken……know that you’re fixable

If you’re not broken….find someone that is.

Let them know….they are fixable.

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