Every opportunity to do a podcast has been an honor and this one is no different. I recently completed a podcast with Zach Fleer who is the Co-Owner of 270Hoops, Director of 270 Hoops Fall League, The Intro and 270 Hoops Battle for the City. He is a husband and believer. I met Zach a few years ago and have continued to be amazed at the growth of 270 Hoops. In my opinion, Zach is the most powerful man in Ohio High School basketball. We had so much to cover that we went nearly a full hour. Great interview. Incredible history to get to where 270 Hoops is today. Thank you Zach for sharing the conversation and your time.


270 Hoops – https://www.270hoops.com/

Zach Fleer Twitter – https://twitter.com/ZachFleer270

270 Hoops Twitter – https://twitter.com/270Hoops

270 Gridiron – https://twitter.com/270Gridiron