Ohio Born Edward Buchanan became Bottega Veneta’s design directer after graduating from Parson’s School of Design in 1995, and was charged with building the brand’s ready-to-wear collection from scratch. He stayed at Bottega for six years before launching his own project; subsequent years saw him working with Sean Combs and Jennifer Lopez on their clothing lines. In 2009, he launched Sansovino 6, a contemporary collection with a focus on knitwear. Now officially Milanese, he consults for brands like Max Mara and Stefanel, in addition to fueling his personal projects. (Source)

Edward has been my friend since our days growing up and attending Bedford High School. We share a lot of our memories over these two episodes.

In the first episode, I surprised Edward with 2 other friends from Bedford High School and his brother (fresh on a break from a concert). We had a lot of laughs and I share the story about a former classmate that is sad, remarkable and powerful. (see photo below)

In the second episode, Edward and I go one-on-one to have a deep conversation regarding some of the differences in our world today and how we can hope to find better days.

I am so proud of Edward and all of his success! I am blessed to call him my friend.


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