Unscripted with Coach Mike Deegan

Coach Mike Deegan is the Head Baseball Coach at Denison University but that is not all. He is a mentor, teacher, speaker and friend. From his website – “Mike Deegan’s 15-year coaching and mentoring career can be summed up by a single phrase – “pursuing excellence.”

For Mike, the game is not about strategy or X’s and O’s. It’s about people. Baseball teams, like any organization, are successful at the intersection of strong leadership, a team-centric approach and a positive, organically developed culture.”

In this episode, Coach Deegan and I covered many topics like coaching, leadership, learning, recruiting, his book “Let It Rip” and his newest project – Clear Learn. I appreciate Coach spending time on Unscripted and his mentorship in my life.


Register for Coach Deegan’s session on ClearLearn.com – https://clearlearn.com/

Coach Deegan’s Website – https://www.coachmikedeegan.com/

Coach Deegan on Twitter – https://twitter.com/CoachDeegan/

Coach Deegan on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-deegan-98047078/

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