John Stewart Hill is a businessman, author, and award winning Entrepreneur with his Dallas based company, The Good Contractors List.  He is married to his wife Cindy, who is now CEO of the company.  He has 2 children, 3 step children, and 5 grandkids.  He is currently Founder and CEO of Central Storehouse and working in full time ministry without taking a salary.  John is also the author of the 2016 book “Loving God Without All The Answers: Hope for Even Me”  His favorite term for how he lives his life is “Gumpin’ it.” 

In this episode we learn what “Gumpin’ it” means but more importantly, John shares his passion for his new site, believes that the church needs to be relational, and so the site is designed to help align people with a likeminded community. Users simply create a profile, and begin their search for a nearby house church, filtering results by parameters such as by distance, childcare requirements, day of the week, and denomination.  After identifying potential communities, users fill out an online form to begin communicating with the house church. Many house churches have limits on the number of attendees, so this allows the church itself to regulate the number of people they are communicating with and get to know the person before sharing their address. 

We discuss the way you can find the site, find a match, feel safe and connect with the body of Christ as we were meant to from the start. Johns passion is contagious and his vision for this site is awesome. You will hear his heart to connect us to one another and find a community which we all so desperately need. Especially in the times we live in.


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