Kim is a servant of God because He rescued her. By the time she was 17, she had lived through five divorces by two parents: one being an alcoholic, and one having an affair. She didn’t grow up facing financial poverty, but her home was filled with chaos and pain. But God did not forget her;

He rescued her.  

He sent people from a local church who invited her every single week to a youth program they hosted. It was full of joy and peace. It was a safe refuge. They cared about her, loved her, and taught her about the Lord. They said,

“Kim, the God of the universe made you and He loves you. You’re gifted and talented.”

“Kim, you’re smart. Have you ever thought of going to college?”

“Kim, you have leadership abilities. We could hone that for you. We can grow that in you and God could use you for his plans for His future.”

They started casting a vision for her of a future where she would use her gifts and talents to serve God.

Episode 96 of the Unscripted Podcast is one-on-one with Kim Emch. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Festa Ministry. Her influence and her calling has changed the scores for so many. When Kim was called, there were….

2158 children who were in poverty and receiving a free or reduced lunch. 

She made a decision to love, serve and feed them (body, mind and spirit). 

She made a decision to bring the community with her. 

We are so blessed in Hilliard, Ohio to have some one with Kims passion, leadership and drive. Along with her army of volunteers and partners, Festa is literally changing the landscape for those that would otherwise have no where else to go.

You can find ways to connect, serve, volunteer and support Festa Ministries at –