I had the honor of meeting Tizzie Nuss on an Episode of the Unscripted Podcast over a year ago. Little did I know we would eventually be meeting to discuss much larger dreams, goals and visions.

Tizzie Nuss is a “Momma on a mission” and has a passion to spark change one heart at a time.

It is my honor to announce that MyUnscripted and The Spark Project have agreed to a partnership. Further details will be forthcoming. Thank you Tizzie for trusting the MyUnscripted TEAM. We look forward to sparking conversation and change right beside you!

More about The Spark Project

We manufacture bullet- resistant, folder-sized, customizable SPARK™ Shields easily transported in backpacks that children could use in the event of a school shooting.

We also aim to serve as a catalyst for conversation and ultimately change through community forums and other events.


The Spark Project™ is on a mission to protect children and communities with innovative products while igniting positive social change.


Our vision is to ignite positive social change in every community, everywhere.