Today I am thrilled to announce the newest addition to the MyUnscripted TEAM. Joining us all the way from his home in California is none other than CJ Volkmann. Many of you have likely seen one of his over 500 cooking videos on YouTube. That is how I found CJ. After all, 70,000 subscribers on YouTube cannot be wrong!

CJ and I originally met on an episode of the Unscripted Podcast. Our friendship has grown from there. He is my go to for cooking tips on the Ninja Foodi Grill and recipes. More importantly, CJ is well versed in coaching and guidance on starting, growing and maintaining a strong YouTube channel. When it came to the best advisor for our clients, there was no better choice.

In his unique role, CJ will advise our TEAM and our clients with creating and growing healthy YouTube presence and channels. Interested in learning more? We know a guy!

Check out CJ’s new website (built by our team) at

Welcome to the TEAM CJ!