Four words. Admit it, we’ve all seen it. If you have Netflix, we have at some point seen it.

“Are you still there?”

This morning I was thinking about those words. If there was ever a time and place we need to know that, it is now. Are you still there? Am I still seen? Do you still care? Do you still love me? Are we still connected? I need to know now more than ever before that you are out there. Friends, family, our inner circle. I am drowning. I am calling out. I need people.

Before COVID and certainly after, we are becoming more and more isolated.

We don’t see our co-workers because we’re working remote.

Our kids don’t see their friends and even when they do it’s behind a mask or a divider.

Our spouses are crying out (male and female) that they want to be SEEN and not just by proximity.

Even the gas station has dividers when we checkout at the counter.

Are you still there?

God, are You still there? Do You still care? This season I am walking through….. are You still there?

When we send a text we hope to see this….

If we see this we know someone is still there. The lifeline still exists. We still have some level of the attention of the person on the other end of our device.

TikTok actually tells us now to get off the app. Take a break. Walk away. Go to sleep.

Today, be intentional. Now more than ever before. Let your child know they are loved. Let your spouse know you are still there. Call that friend. Email that co-worker. Don’t talk business. Let them know you are still there.

They are still seen.

God is still there too.

You are still there for those you love and care for.

Let them know.