Tis the season. In so many ways. Yes, it is the Christmas season and the holiday season and all of that. For parents, it’s also the season of new adventures, new challenges, new sports, new boyfriends and girlfriends and on and on.

For parents of children that are seniors, it’s “Senior Nights” and final plays and concerts. Final hoops, laps, races, swims, homecomings, proms and so many other things.

Time flies and it is undefeated.

My favorite Christmas album has always been “The Christmas Sessions” by MercyMe.

My favorite Christmas song ever since becoming a dad has been “Joseph’s Lullaby.

I love the perspective of Joseph. Mary gets so much of the attention and as well she should! There was Joseph though. Imagine being the dad of the Savior of the world. Imagine knowing the potential of this new born child in your family. That’s why the line that always gets me is….

“Simply be my child.”

We know all that awaits our kids out there in the world. We also DON’T know.

Time can so quickly get away from us with all of their activities and future plans.

It’s so important to take a few minutes and the little time we have with them to pause and say “for now, simply be my child.”

You don’t have to be all the things you will be

or think you should be

or want to be.

In this moment, simply be my child.

Brynn, tonight, simply be my child.

Emma, tonight, simply be my child.

Austin, tonight, simply be my child.

I think a father’s job, when it’s done best, is to get down on both knees, lean over his children’s lives and whisper, ‘where do you want to go.’” (Love Does)

Bob Goff

Several years ago I spoke to Bob Goff. He encouraged me to sit down with our kids and make a wish list and then try like crazy to make each one of their dreams happen.

As you have family time this holiday season, when the kids come home and you have a moment, sit with them. Do a puzzle with them. Watch Tiktoks, Reels, videos with them. Whatever it is that connects your time and your heart to theirs.

Do that.

Their busy lives and ours can wait for “just this moment.”

Let them simply be your child.