On this day 14 years ago, one of the greatest men I have ever known put down his sword and received the crown he earned in his short time with us. The pain and struggle were gone. He is healthy, whole, and still loving all of us well. I really believe that. Here’s why.

14 years ago I sat next to his bed in those final hours and made a promise….

“I will take care of your family. I will be there for them Stef.”

Time and circumstances make promises hard to keep.

For all involved. Life happens. As an empath, I felt the weight of feeling like I failed him. They weren’t just words. I meant what I said.

Fast forward to July of this year. After several messages, his bride Sandi joined me for an Unscripted Podcast. We agreed to tell their story. You can and should listen to that podcast below. That’s not why I write this today.

The story gets even more incredible.

A few weeks later my wife and I were out walking our dog. This car pulls off and a young man gets out. He approaches and I recognize who it is. That “young man” was Stef’s son Justin. He’s all grown up now. Our conversation was ours and not to be shared here but we agreed to meet regularly.

In one of our monthly meet-ups, I asked Justin what he loves to do.

“What’s your dream?”

No sooner had he said “graphic design” than I had multiple projects on his way. I needed and had been seeking a graphic designer for our business.

Can I tell you all….He is talented, driven, enthusiastic, patient, talented and oh yeah, talented.

So I hired him because I needed his help.

He is one of the most important people in our business and I mean that genuinely.

Please understand, this wasn’t a favor. God knew 14 years ago that when I made that promise, that little boy losing his dad would be one of the most important and valuable people in MY life and our business.

God knew.

14 years ago.

I am not sure if this is making sense but for all of you who have made promises, felt like they were broken, have lost someone, and are dealing with whatever you are dealing with….

God still keeps HIS promises.

Even if it takes 14 years.

We just need to be patient, active, aware, and engaged.

Thank you Justin for being exactly what I needed. As a friend and as a business. You are that guy. We would not be who we are without you. Your friendship extends far beyond any graphic you will create.

Stef knew.

God knew.

They kept their promises.