Episode 213 of the Unscripted Podcast is with Ben Valenta and David Sikorjak. Ben and David are the co-authors of one of the more fascinating books I have seen.

What if we told you that fans have more friends? Not only that, but what if we said that fans engage with those friends more often, and they value those friendships more? In fact, fans engage in and value their family relationships more, too. What if we told you that fans exhibit stronger measures of wellbeing, happiness, confidence, and optimism than non-fans? What if we told you that fans tend to be more trusting of others and more confident in institutions? Or that fandom helps mitigate the loneliness and polarization that plague our culture today?Fans Have More Friends arrives at a conclusion that, once seen, cannot be unseen: being a sports fan is good for you, good for others, and good for society.

Find out more about Fans Have More Friends at their website – https://fanshavemorefriends.com/