Hey everybody, this is Aaron. Listen, I want to tell you real quick, I don’t have a guest to introduce today actually, but I do have a message for you and I hope if you stick with me to the end, it all makes sense. Normally, if you’re watching a video, you know, I typically wear glasses. Actually, they’re readers.

It’s true. I’m of that age where I have to have readers, and so I’ve worn contacts my whole life. But I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I was explaining to him, I’m kind of in this in-between where do I just go all in and get glasses with bifocals or do I just go with contacts? What are my options?

He explained to me that there was one thing we could try, and it’s called monovision. And today I’m not wearing glasses. I actually have a contact in one eye. That it’s 3.75, and in my left eye it’s like 1.75 or something. That’s not my normal prescription. So if you stuck with me this long, listen to this.

Our brain can actually tell the difference between which eye it should use. So in other words, my brain can tell my eyes that it’s far away. You need to look through this eye. If it’s close, you need to look through this eye. Isn’t that amazing? Maybe I’m just very simple-minded, but that’s amazing.

It’s amazing to me that our brain can actually distinguish on which eye it should use, and I’ve been doing this now for almost 24 hours and it’s perfect. I don’t need readers anymore, and I don’t need glasses. I just had to tell you today that I know a lot of times people think this just happened.

It’s kinda like the birth of your first child. You’re standing there in the hospital room and there’s just a moment where you say, that doesn’t just happen. Somebody’s controlling all of this. Somebody thought all of this up, and that somebody is the same God that cares about what you’re going through today.

Even if it’s choosing or not that you need to use readers.

Have a great week and we’ll talk to you soon.