Elliott Wallach has been working in the film business for over 20 years.  He is the founder of Edify Media, a full-service public relations firm that specializes in the promotion of family, faith-friendly, and faith-based films.  He has worked with every major studio and has been responsible for promoting movies like The Passion of the Christ, The Help, Amazing Grace, and more. 

His primary focus is with Edify Films, a distribution company also focused on bringing the world family and faith-friendly films.  It’s Elliott’s conviction that a movie is the most powerful art form ever created by man, and one 90-minute film can change a life, and even change the world. Edify Films is responsible for the distribution of DVD and merchandise for When Calls the Heart, currently filming its 11th Season and broadcasting on the Hallmark Channel. Through Edify Films, Elliott has recently produced a 12-episode television program that serves as an After Show for When Calls the Heart. He is also releasing his first theatrical release, God of Heaven and Earth, which is due to hit theaters on November 5th.


“Movies are the most powerful art form ever created by man. There’s nothing like it when you’re able to lose your very identity for 90 minutes and leave a movie theater inspired to change your life. I hope for nothing less than that for God of Heaven and Earth – a film that can radically impact a person’s faith. And faith changes everything.”