Today I am thrilled to announce The Unscripted Season of Giving. Just in time for the holiday season. There are so many great non-profit foundations out there like our partners at Jerseys of Hope. We can’t give to them all but we can offer our platform, stage, microphone, and audience. So for the month of December, the microphone is yours! Have a non-profit that you would like to tell others about? We can help. There is a time limit to schedule though. Between today and December 1st, we are accepting scheduling for episodes that will air between now and December 20th. That gives a few extra days for people to donate before and after Christmas.

All interviews will be hosted on Aaron Unscripted with Aaron. We’ll do all of the work, we just need your story and an interview. We will post and share with our mailing list as well. Schedule today and let’s tell the world about your cause!