I write this blog post on December 21st. About 5 days ago I deleted all social media apps (excluding one that I need for work purposes). It has been the most freeing exercise I have done in some time. To be honest, there might be messages, posts, DM’s and comments I haven’t seen and for that I am sorry. I do believe that those that know me best and well likely already have my phone number.

At this point, I am not sure when or if I will return to the sites and apps. Due to the nature of our business, I needed to keep the accounts active for administration purposes on client sites. As for my pages, I am content with not using them. I don’t share that in judgement and each one is to do what is best for them. For me, my mental health, my overall outlook and engagement, I decided to go old school.

I want to be surprised by news when I see a friend.

I don’t want to say “I saw that on (insert app here).”

I want to ask real questions and hear real answers.

I don’t want to see the polished pictures or hand selected news. I want the real stuff.

The messy. The ugly. The true.

Bring on 2024 and whatever it has for each of us.

Text, email or call.

Love you all.