Episode 269 is a conversation between the host, Aaron, and guest, Curt Harding. They discuss their year 2023, their experiences and what they aim to achieve for the year 2024. Topics include learning from the past, setting personal and professional goals, planning for the future, and Curt’s podcast, “The Short Pause”. There are also humoristic aspects as they talk about dealing with life’s pressures. They wrap up with promising to catch up more often in 2024 and wishing each other a great new year.

About Curt –

After more than fifteen years as an award-winning reporter, anchor and producer in radio and television news, Curt Harding is a professional writer, speaker and entertainment publicist in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the host of The Short Pause podcast, author of the children’s book, A Tail of Two Kitties, and co-author of a book chronicling the lives of military veterans. His strong industry experience has allowed him to work alongside renowned thought leaders including Dave Ramsey, Max Lucado, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, William J. Bennett, John Maxwell, Donald Miller and more.


Curt’s Podcast – The Short Pause with Curt Harding