We just put Christmas away on another New Year’s Day and I have a few minutes to reflect on the last year, two years, three years honestly. With some exciting pending changes ahead, I don’t know what this site, podcast, or content will look like. I do know that I am thankful and I want to tell all of you thank you as well.

Thank you for listening and sharing.

Thank you for supporting the guests who gave their time for an interview.

Thank you for believing in me and Unscripted.

Thank you for buying the merch.

Thank you for wearing the merch in support.

Thank you for telling others about the podcast.

Thank you for your messages of encouragement and the way that a guest impacted you.

I never knew when I did a Zoom call with the Columbus Destroyers (which turned into Episode One), that this would still be rolling. I never knew I would record 270 Episodes. Each one has been a joy to record.

The stories are yours.

I just clicked record.

Happy New Year.