Episode 270 of Unscripted is with Nick Lacy, the AVP of Marketing for Christian Community Credit Union. Nick discusses banking, stewardship, and how Christians can align their values with their finances. He explains how Christian Community Credit Union, where he works as AVP of Marketing, operates on scripture-based principles to ensure a biblically-based banking experience. This includes offering services such as high-yield checking accounts and contributing to Christian causes. Throughout the discussion, both Aaron and Nick emphasize the need for Christians to be discerning and align their banking practices with their faith.


Nick Lacy is the AVP of Marketing and Analysis at Christian Community Credit Union where he oversees market research, analysis, and strategy. His background includes over 15 years of pastoral and executive ministry experience, former vice president of corporate strategy for a technology company, and a strategic and creative communications consultant. He has also been a featured expert on the topic of strategic execution in various publications, and holds a Masters degree in Ministry Management from Azusa Pacific University.


Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) is a faith-based, purpose-driven financial co-operative whose mission is to serve Christ followers to live and give more abundantly. For over 65 years, we’ve provided individuals and ministries with the financial tools and knowledge they need to grow and thrive financially, so they can transform our world through their generosity. 

The money you deposit in the Credit Union helps churches grow, ministries expand, and individuals thrive. Whether it’s constructing or remodeling a new church building or funding a home loan, your money is working in the Christian community. 

At CCCU, giving is in our DNA. When you use our credit and debit cards for purchases, you’re giving to Christian causes. To date, CCCU has donated more than $6 million to ministry and mission projects in the U.S. and around the globe. Simply put, your everyday purchases help change lives. Find out more at – https://www.mycccu.com/

As Debanking Increases, Christian Community Credit Union Research Shows Christians are Choosing to Bank with Their Values 

CCCU Research Initiative Shows Christians Find Conflict in Faith Values with Major Banks 

San Dimas, CA – As Christians are being targeted with discrimination by major banks in the growing trend of debanking, America’s #1 faith-based credit union, Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU), recently conducted a research initiative that revealed Christians are choosing to bank with corporations that align with their faith-based values. The results of the survey were enlightening and indicated that big banks may experience the next big exodus among Christians. 

According to a recent Fox News article entitled, Corporate wokeness: Big Tech, major banks rated ‘high risk’ of canceling people, orgs for ideological reasons. “ The 1792 Exchange’s report assessed more than 1,000 companies, evaluating their policies, practices, and other relevant criteria to determine the likelihood of them targeting a group or individual based on ideology. About 12% of companies were rated “high risk,” meaning they “canceled business relationships based on viewpoint and/or has been weaponized to discriminate against people and businesses who do not share their political views.” The article went on to state that Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase are among the nation’s most prominent companies meeting their definition of high risk. 

“This year, we’ve raised awareness about several instances where J.P. Morgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank, closed the accounts of groups who hold mainstream conservative views. We’re committed to stopping the dangerous trend of banks becoming new weapons of cancel culture,” according to Viewpoint Diversity Score.

Ideology isn’t the only potential reason Christians may find conflict with major banks. Ethical misconduct is a source of increasing concern as believers strive for Biblical stewardship in their finances. 

A CNN Business article, Are you owed a slice of the $100 million fine Bank of America has to pay? cites an example of unethical conduct happening in the banking system. The article states that Bank of America was recently, “fined $250 million by the US federal regulators for allegedly harming customers by double-dipping on fees, withholding credit card rewards, and opening fake accounts. Of those fines, $100 million is set to go directly to consumers who were impacted by the bank’s alleged wrongdoing.”

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel and Senior Vice President of Corporate Engagement Jeremy Tedesco recently said on Fox News, “Banks can no longer get away with this.”

After surveying over 1300 professed Christians across the U.S., CCCU discovered that over 30% of respondents had considered switching banks in the past 12 months. A conflict with their faith values was among the top 3 reasons why those surveyed had considered switching. Over 66% of those considering switching were excited or curious about banking with a Christian institution. Furthermore, over 50% expressed that it’s now more important than ever for their bank to reflect, align with, and support their Christian values.

CCCU believes their research, combined with the predatory practices of certain big banks, shows what is the beginning of a major bank exodus. National news coverage has shown numerous stories of big banks operating either unethically or intentionally not providing services to Christian organizations. CCCU is boldly informing Christians of another alternative and providing competitive rates, fees, and loans from a bank that is unapologetically Christian, guided by Scripture, invests in Biblical causes, and is member driven.

“Over 60% of Christians care deeply about managing their finances Biblically, to honor God,” said Blair Korschun, President/CEO of CCCU. “We are excited to provide a financial institution that aligns with their values and invests in their communities. We encourage Christians to make the switch to CCCU today and bank with their values.”

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About Community Christian Credit Union:  

Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU) is a faith-based, purpose-driven financial cooperative whose mission is to serve Christ’s followers to live and give more abundantly. For over 65 years, CCCU provided individuals and ministries with the financial tools and knowledge they need to grow and thrive financially, so they can transform our world through their generosity. 

Learn more, become a member, and make the switch to CCCU today by visiting mycccu.com/switch.