This isn’t about a pair of bibs. It’s a story about those who are close to me and how they care for one another. Even if they don’t know each other.

Several months ago my partners at FOCO released a new product and it’s wicked awesome. They are bib overalls for the sports fan. They also recently released “shortalls” too. This post isn’t about that and the links are NOT affiliate links. I’m not trying to make a buck and FOCO didn’t ask me to write it. I’m just sharing and hope they get the credit for their partnership and the product. Now let me tell you the rest of the story…..

Thanks to our awesome partnership, I have the inside info on when a new product is launching. They will often share it with me and send me a sample. And thus begins the story of the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Bibs.”

When I received the offer, I shared it immediately. We worked it out so my girls and bride would all receive a pair. Three pairs of UNC bibs (I mean, what else would it be?). They got slammed with orders upon the release so we received one pair. I thought my girls could share them. The problem is, that Princess 1.0 and Princess 2.0 were both off at college.

So I gave them to our Director of Awesome, my niece, Miss K. The journey began there.

Miss K did me the favor of being my influencer and sharing with FOCO that we received them. It was clear from the beginning, that they were just too big. She gave them back after the photos “for the gram.”

Stop 2 of the journey went to Liberty University with Princess 2.0. She took them back to college with her after a visit home on a break. She wore them so proudly for a UNC vs Liberty volleyball game even though the Mascot did not approve.

Because my girls are besties, Princess 1.0 made the journey down to Liberty for her Spring Break. While she was there, 2.0 shared them with 1.0 because we had a very important date in Chapel Hill. For Christmas, Princess 1.0 purchased tickets for the two of us to attend my first-ever UNC game in “The Dean Dome.” I had been there before, but never for a game. I picked her up at Liberty and we made our way to Chapel Hill. What else is there to wear to our first game but the awesome UNC Bibs? She got so many comments and compliments about her outfit. We were finally “home” with our Tar Heel friends.

After the game, Princess 1.0 and I made our way to Raleigh, North Carolina for our evening lodging. It just so happens that my best friend from high school resides in Raleigh with her family. It had been 36 years since we last saw one another. It would also just so happen that her oldest daughter attends….. THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since they moved to Raleigh it has been fun to watch their fandom of the Tar Heels grow.

After meeting Vickie, Kira, and Kamiko, my Princess 1.0 made the decision all on her own….

“I am just going to leave these with you all”

And that is where the traveling bibs currently reside.

I had to share this little story because it’s more than a little story.

This isn’t a story about a pair of bibs.

This is a story about the heart of several special friends and family who just have a heart of generosity for the next person.

This is a story about passing on a gift that you think someone else might enjoy even more than you do.

It started with Miss K. It passed through both of my girls. It now resides in North Carolina with Vickie, Kayah, Kira, and Kamiko.

Just in time for the NCAA Tournament and our NUMBER ONE SEED Tar Heels.

It’s not about a pair of bibs.

It’s about the heart behind and inside them.