Having been battling Systemic Mastocytosis and CIDP since birth, Shannon Dingey knows what it’s like to have to take courage and fight hard. In her new book, she shares how there have been people who have seen how difficult its been to navigate her diagnosis, but there’s more about her journey that no one has seen or known about. Most of the battles she has faced have been fought “behind the curtain.” 

Now, Shannon takes the leap to open up about her struggles and the debilitating symptoms she has dealt with daily, all while she appears to be a normal functioning person to the rest of the world. She shares about the anxiety, depression, identity issues and PTSD that no one saw on the surface. She once felt powerless and trapped behind the curtain.  

But as she reached her breaking point, she experienced healing, the curtain began to lift and she started to see purpose and power in her story. In Behind the Curtain, Shannon takes readers through her journey in a transparent and authentic way with the hope that your curtain may lift as well, and you’ll find strength and courage on the other side. \