Give Me Your Eyes

There is no other song that lyrically describes where my head is right now. You might have noted that in posts like this one, this one, and this one. Or maybe here, here and even here. I guess the point is that God has been working on this area of my life for several weeks.Continue reading “Give Me Your Eyes”

Four For Friday

New Feature Alert!!! My bloggin’ buddy Jason from that state up north has been doing his Top 5 Songs of The Week for a long time now. This is in no way a copy of that. See, mine is called “Four For Friday” so it’s not an exact copy. It’s like “7 Minute Abs”. TheseContinue reading “Four For Friday”

Homecoming 2007

I realized yesterday that this is homecoming weekend for my college alma mater. As you can probably tell, I didn’t go. I told Heather last night that there is no place on this earth I would rather NOT be than homecoming. I don’t know that I will ever return there again. Why you ask? I’veContinue reading “Homecoming 2007”

Additional Resources

I’m posting the two videos below as follow up from our small group discussion tonight. As you can tell by the videos, the conversation was far ranging. Even if you’re not in our small group (you’re always welcomed to join), both videos are worth checking out. The first video came from my time of tellingContinue reading “Additional Resources”