Beautiful The Mess We Are

There is a song out by Amy Grant called “Better Than A Hallelujah“. Each and every time I hear it, there is a lyric that captures me. She sings: “Beautiful the mess we are, honest cries of breaking hearts…are better than a hallelujah” Tonight I met with some other brothers in Christ and that lyricContinue reading “Beautiful The Mess We Are”

I Ordered Mine!

I can’t believe it has been two years since roughly 30 other men and I went through the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. Something special happened over the course of the 8 weeks within this group. Although we have all continued on our own journeys, I think what happened in “Wild at Heart”Continue reading “I Ordered Mine!”

A Friend To Me

“There’s times I’d rather kill you then listen to your honesty, but you’ve always been a friend to me” – Garth Brooks You gotta love when you surround yourself with “truth tellers”. I made a commitment long ago to run everything in the discernment process through God, family and close friends. The catch was thatContinue reading “A Friend To Me”

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

What a weekend. The family and I left on Friday afternoon to head to our hometown of Bedford, Ohio for the wedding of Heather’s youngest sister. “My Girls”, “The Boy” and Heather were all in the wedding so it was an exciting time for everyone. There is always a part of me that still lovesContinue reading “Who Says You Can't Go Home?”