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  • Beautiful The Mess We Are

    There is a song out by Amy Grant called “Better Than A Hallelujah“. Each and every time I hear it, there is a lyric that captures me. She sings: “Beautiful […]

  • No Man Left Behind

    In the movie Toy Story, one of the little green army guys gets stepped on by Andy’s mom. As they rush to hide in a nearby plant, the Sargent of […]

  • I Ordered Mine!

    I can’t believe it has been two years since roughly 30 other men and I went through the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. Something special happened over the […]

  • A Friend To Me

    “There’s times I’d rather kill you then listen to your honesty, but you’ve always been a friend to me” – Garth Brooks You gotta love when you surround yourself with […]

  • Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

    What a weekend. The family and I left on Friday afternoon to head to our hometown of Bedford, Ohio for the wedding of Heather’s youngest sister. “My Girls”, “The Boy” […]

  • A Call to Prayer

    Many of you have been following the journey of my friend Stef the past few months either through his blog, AC180, my blog or all three. If you are not […]

  • The Week Ahead

    Big week in my little world. Check it out: 1. “90 Days in Heaven” landed at the library today. I’ll pick it up tonight. 2. The new Michael English CD […]

  • You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

    I remember John Eldredge once said something in one of his books about thinking of the people you would call at 2 in the morning when your world just collapsed […]

  • Walking the Walk…

    “You can say what you think, but you will live what you believe” – Mark Hall I witnessed something today that still has me reflecting on it. Simply put, I […]

  • Kickin’ it Old School…

    It’s official, with this post, I am breaking nearly ever personal blog rule I ever set in place. I think I am also breaking man law #53 by posting a […]

  • We Went to a Fight…

    What an exciting evening this turned out to be! Stef and I went to a Fight and a Hockey game broke out! Actually it was the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. […]

  • The Utmost Admiration

    I had breakfast with a very close personal friend last Friday morning. As I drove away from our meeting, I felt a total mixed bag of emotions from the news […]


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