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  • Let That Pony Run

    Tomorrow morning marks the start of another school year and the first time that all three of our children will be in school all day. I’m not going to lie […]

  • The Dad Life

    A funny video to start the week…. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOKuSQIJlog&w=480&h=360&hd=1]

  • Dad…I’m Watching You

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MMEwl9dCt8&w=480&h=360&hd=1] 10 Ways To Be An All Pro Dad Love Your Wife True love is not a feeling. It is a decision. It’s an act of the will to be […]

  • I Wish I Could

    This pretty well sums up what it’s like being a Dad to my 3 kids….

  • Birthday Recap

    Although “the boy’s” birthday was Tuesday, we officially wrap up the festivities tomorrow. First off, the Hansbrough Pacer’s jersey was a huge hit. He hasn’t worn it yet but I […]

  • Because…A Letter To My Son

      In the morning, our son will officially celebrate his 9th birthday. I can’t even type those words without wondering where the last 9 years went. I can’t seem to […]

  • Anything Like Me

    In just one week, “the boy” will officially turn 9 years old. It is beyond my understanding where the last 9 years went. They always say it goes too fast […]

  • Tuesday Night Music Club

    “The Boy” and I recently rigged up an area in the unfinished portion of our basement so he could practice pitching to a target this winter while we’re stuck indoors. […]

  • A Class By Himself

    A few weeks ago, I was flipping channels in time to see Michael Jordan’s induction speech for the Basketball Hall of Fame. You all know me enough by now to […]

  • The Apple and The Tree

    This clip convicted me today. Maybe convicted isn’t the right word. Whatever the word, I was reminded that three small children in our home are just starting out in the […]

  • My Favorite Part

    Now that the dust has cleared and the half marathon is but a memory, I have been reflecting on what was my favorite part of the entire experience. Honestly, there […]

  • Hey Dad….

    The other night we were watching the Cavs and Pistons game on TV and my 8 year old son hit me with one of “those questions” I was not prepared […]

  • Memory Lane

    I had to do a quick repost. Important note..THIS IS A REPOST! We’re not expecting a child. We were, however, expecting our third child 4 years ago when North Carolina was […]

  • For My Girls

    “In My Arms” by Plumb Your baby blues So full of wonder Your curly cues Your contagious smile And as I watch You start to grow up All I can […]

  • A Lesson in Grace

    Last night I received a lesson and hopefully taught one as well. It was the bedtime hour and I was putting the kiddo’s to bed. My youngest daughter requested some […]

  • To Train Up A Child

    There I was, enjoying “the day after” the big win against Duke today and then this picture popped up. Now I can’t stop looking at it. It gripped me the […]

  • The Foundation

    There was one other quote that I had to commit to memory from the book “The Difference A Father Makes” by Ed Tandy McGlasson. When I read it, it practically […]

  • The Difference A Father Makes

    While at the All Pro Dad Experience, we were all given a gift bag with several items in it. Arguably the most valuable thing was a book entitled “The Difference […]

  • Arms Wide Open

    Strange day for me today. When the calendar page turned to the 6th of October, my first born turned 8 years old. Not only is he our first born child, […]

  • When Love Takes You In

    Many of the readers of this blog have gone through the adoption process. For those that have, I would like to introduce you to my friend and blogging band of […]

  • It’s Back!

    Saturday, September 13th is the officail launch date of this years All Pro Dad gatherings at Chick-Fil-a. A big thanks to my friend Tom Minturn for again supporting All Pro […]

  • Parental Wisdom

    I just told my 7 year old the following: “If you want to do what you want to do today, then I suggest that you do what you know you […]

  • I Ordered Mine!

    I can’t believe it has been two years since roughly 30 other men and I went through the book “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. Something special happened over the […]

  • True

    A few weeks ago the family and I were on a road trip. The 80’s station on Sirius radio was the music of the moment and prompted the following discussion: […]

  • Sunday is Father’s Day


  • Welcomed Interruptions

    One of the greatest parts of working from a home office is the interruptions. Occasionally, when the workday is getting stressful and long, I’ll get a little knock on the […]

  • Loose Lips

    With only 4 days left in the school year, I scheduled to have lunch with “the boy” at school today. He enjoys having me come in (I think it’s the […]

  • Priceless….

    I may bleed Carolina Blue, but no matter where I may roam, a large part of my heart belongs to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks to the ultimate hook-up […]

  • The One That Started It All

    “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed

  • For The Love Of…

    Let’s take a stroll down memory lane…shall we? For those that have followed this thing since the beginning, you might remember when I wrote a post 3 years ago about […]


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