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  • Unbelievable

    You know all of those sports movies where a guy takes the last free throw to win or lose the game? The ball bounces in slow motion and just seems […]

  • What Should I Do?

    On the eve of the start of another NBA season, there are mixed emotions. As a lifelong Cleveland Cavalier fan (and native Clevelander), I view this upcoming season with mixed […]

  • For What It’s Worth

    Image by Getty Images via Daylife If it means anything at all, this is the first time all week I have even looked at the NCAA brackets for this year. […]

  • A Night To Remember!

    Wow. Alright, let me just get the only bad part of the our Opening Night visit to Conseco Field House for the Pacers game out of the way…Tyler Hansbrough (the […]

  • The comeback that fell short

    Most of you will probably be glad that UNC is out tonight so I will stop blogging about them (although they have a wicked sweet baseball team too). One final […]

  • Me at halftime…

    It’s 10:00pm on Saturday and two things are clear to me right now. #1. I hate Sports Illustrated. #2. We are getting absolutely embarrassed by Kansas. Kansas 44 UNC 27

  • A Carolina Christmas

    I didn’t do a whole lot of posting the past few weeks, but it was a Carolina Christmas at the Conrad household! It started when Heather got me the Carolina […]

  • By Request – Game Recap

    I was going to let the TAR HEEL WIN go by with nothing more than the pictures in my previous post. That being said, I have been getting emails, phone […]

  • True Colors…


  • Time’s Up….

    In the movie “Pretty Woman”, Richard Gere surprises Julia Roberts by taking her on a trip to see an opera. She gets all dressed up and as they are boarding […]

  • One More Day Till…

    It’s almost here. UNC vs. OSU @ 9:00 on Wednesday, November 28th in Columbus. If you’re watching at home, just look for a bald guy with his wife and 7 […]

  • Being Cavalier

    This is awesome!!!! I don’t know who did it, but hopefully they are getting paid WELL by the Cleveland Cavaliers. You can read the entire article HERE. The Cavs just […]


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