Cleveland Browns Stadium to get retractable roof.

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Go Panthers!

I’ve said it before but I officially left “Raider Nation” this summer in favor of the Carolina Panthers. Much of this decision is due to my hope that they will one day be my hometown team. Much to my surprise, my Panthers (see how quickly they became “my”) are in the playoffs and favored by […]

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Silver and Black No More

I have officially left “Raider Nation”. While I do think they have a chance to be good this year, I am not holding on to the Silver and Black any longer. The biggest reason I became a Raider Fan is Bo Jackson. If you have seen Bo lately you know that he hasn’t carried the […]

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Friday Randomness

Oh Lebron! Oh the humanity! How dare you wear a Yankee cap in the Indians crib? How can you ever show your face in Cleveland again after wearing a rival teams hat? This is all tongue in cheek folks. Seriously, where is it written that Lebron has to cheer for the Indians just because he […]

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