Hey Dad….

The other night we were watching the Cavs and Pistons game on TV and my 8 year old son hit me with one of "those questions" I was not prepared to answer. The questions were simple, the answers were not. Q: Hey Dad...is Lebron James a Christian? A: I don't know Q: Hey Dad...is Tyler

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To Train Up A Child

There I was, enjoying "the day after" the big win against Duke today and then this picture popped up. Now I can't stop looking at it. It gripped me the moment I saw it. The more I look at it, the more I see. This is not a story about my obsession with the Tar

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Awana Grand Prix

It's that time of year again. This is the first year that we have two entries into the Awana Grand Prix on Friday night. This is the first for our daughter and the third car for our son. Each year, the brainstorming session into what we should create out of a block of wood is

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Role Model

GREAT article by Rick Reilly in this weeks ESPN The Magazine about John Elway and a fan. Seriously, take the time to read it. The article can be found (HERE)

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It’s Back!

Saturday, September 13th is the officail launch date of this years All Pro Dad gatherings at Chick-Fil-a. A big thanks to my friend Tom Minturn for again supporting All Pro Dad. More details coming soon, but mark your calendards Dads (and Moms). We're kicking off at 8:30am on the 13th. Some Links: All Pro Dad

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Your Moment

I like the commercials for ATT Small Business where the actors say "Welcome to my moment". I couldn't help but think of them today while I was cutting the grass. No, I didn't have "my moment" cutting the grass. Actually, I was reflecting on Austin's "moment" on Thursday night when they won the Hilliard Little

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3rd Base Coaching Box

This summer marks season 3 of little league baseball for "The Boy" and I. It all started with T-Ball and now we're in our second year of "Coach Pitch". Each game I take my place in the 3rd Base Coaching Box to do my best to bring our kids home. For the most part I

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Loose Lips

With only 4 days left in the school year, I scheduled to have lunch with "the boy" at school today. He enjoys having me come in (I think it's the fast food I bring) and I enjoy stepping into his world for 30 minutes. I get the opportunity to observe his circles of influence and

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