The Faith of Tyler Hansbrough

If you have followed this blog for any time at all, you know how I feel about the following: 1) “The Boy” 2) The North Carolina Tar Heels 3) Tyler Hansbrough You also may remember that on more than one occasion I have posted about how “the boy” asked me if Tyler Hansbrough was a Christian. If you click on the link, you will see that at the time he asked me, I had to say “I didn’t know”. Well imagine my surprise today when a friend on Twitter mentioned that she just finished reading an article about the faith … Continue reading The Faith of Tyler Hansbrough

A Night To Remember!

Wow. Alright, let me just get the only bad part of the our Opening Night visit to Conseco Field House for the Pacers game out of the way…Tyler Hansbrough (the reason we got the tickets) did not dress. Well, he was dressed, but it was a suit and dress shoes. His bad shin is “this close” to being ready to play. While that was a bit of a buzz kill, it did not put a damper on a great, great night for “the boy” and I. I couldn’t even make this up, check this out…. 1. He got on the … Continue reading A Night To Remember!

Every Dads Dream

Duke-NCarolina-Basket_WebIt is no secret that I am a fan of two things…The Tar Heels and one Mr. Tyler Hansbrough. Last night I was checking out a site that I frequent called I stumbled across this letter that was written by Gene Hansbrough (Tyler’s Dad) and submitted to Tar Heel Monthly. It’s too good to not share. Regardless of if you like the Tar Heels, Tyler Hansbrough or NCAA Hoops, it’s worth a read.

As I read it I reflected on the pride of this Dad. It comes screaming out of the pages as you read. Isn’t that what we all want for our kids? I’m not talking about winning Player of the Year, or NCAA championships (although that would totally ROCK!). I am more referring to knowing that they achieved their dreams. Sorry for the length, but I felt like it was worth re-posting. Here’s his letter (the bold emphasis are mine).

Would you call him a failure? He was a little kid and he couldn’t quite raise the ball to the basket. He put the ball way down by his hip and pushed with everything he had. But the ball just wouldn’t get over the rim. Still, he stayed there all alone, flinging the ball upward again and again. He never did make one that day but he stayed there a long, long time.

Continue reading “Every Dads Dream”

Awana Grand Prix

It’s that time of year again. This is the first year that we have two entries into the Awana Grand Prix on Friday night. This is the first for our daughter and the third car for our son. Each year, the brainstorming session into what we should create out of a block of wood is half the fun. As you can see by the pictures, my daughters was easy. A little pink paint and some Hello Kitty stickers and she was all set. “The Boy” on the other hand presented some challenges… The vision was to create a convertible UNC … Continue reading Awana Grand Prix


In case you missed it, and since no one reads this blog, you probably did (and will). Tyler Hansbrough and Bobby Frazor decided to do some Olympic diving recently. Couple of thoughts. 1. They are college kids. 2. Thank goodness no one caught what I did in college on film. 3. That pool is pretty shallow. 4. Doesn’t Bobby Frazor have a torn ACL? 5. What is the impact of a 6’9″ dude form a 2nd story loft on water? Continue reading Cannonball!!!