The other day I was driving through town and heard a new song by Lee Brice. By the time it was over I almost caused a wreck because I WAS a wreck. The song was simply called “Boy” (see below). There were so many lines in the song that hit me sideways but probably the biggest one was “Boy, you’re gonna love seventeen.” I knew that in just a few short weeks my boy would be seventeen.

What to say that hasn’t already been said (or written)? I covered a lot of ground and great moments a year ago on your sixteenth birthday (HERE). We had a post I complied of rules for you go viral and receive over 4.3 million views a few weeks ago too (Here). I wrote a letter to you when you were about 5 years old (Here). I also gave you a charge for your life when you turned 12 (Here). Looking back at it, I’ve tried to give you any wisdom I’ve learned over my years.

and that’s what hit me when I heard the song

and that’s why I nearly wrecked.

A year ago we gave you the keys and a new form of freedom.

This year we essentially give you the vast majority of control of your future.

Austin, you’re gonna love seventeen.

Over the next year you’ll make decisions that will begin the trajectory of your future. You’ll choose a college and a major. You might meet someone that will have your heart. While your mom and I can provide some “air support,” these are the days and decisions that you must make on your own. The pivot that began last year with wheels and a license now expands to much larger decisions. We’ll always be here to support your decisions and dreams but now is the time when they really become YOURS.

“‘Cause you’re a part of me and a part of you will always be my little boy.”

For seventeen years you’ve been my shadow and now we officially begin to transition to a time where I will be yours. This is your time now. These are the days you’ll forever remember. I have every confidence you will handle them with grace, truth, wisdom and quiet strength.

You’re gonna love seventeen.

Happy Birthday Austin.