I interrupt my 40-Day Blog fast to post this sermon from Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. While I have been away, I have been challenged to use the power of the blog to share links and giving opportunities which I have been made aware of. I have battled between giving in to the fast for something so important as the events in Haiti. Throughout this time away, I have been following and monitoring the progress of Pastors Mark Driscoll and James McDonald as they have launched “Churches Helping Churches” to respond to the devastation in Haiti.  I challenge each of you to watch the video below. It is one hour but will give you perspective on what is really happening in Haiti.

While I will continue my blog fast for the remaining 15 days, this video, this message, our opportunity and our calling is far too great. It goes beyond searching inside ones self (which is what my fast has been all about). It calls us to rise, pray, seek, serve, give and intercede for others. Lord help the people and the church in Haiti. As Casting Crowns so plainly sing it…”Until the Whole World Hears“.