Together We’ll Dominate!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was looking for a cause or something I could support in order to run the Columbus Half Marathon on October 17, 2010. It took less than 2 hours and I found something that I am honored to run for. Thanks to my friend Ryan Grammatico, my wife and I will be running our races in October to support former U of M kicker Phil Brabbs and his battle against a form of blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma. While I don’t know Phil personally, like many of you, cancer has touched people close to me. Knowing I am running to support his battle and thinking of the courage of all those battling this disease makes this an honor to do. Hopefully, we won’t be doing this alone….

You’re all invited to join us too!!!!

Here’s my offer and idea. By purchasing one of the two t-shirts shown above, you will help support Phil and his battle to find a cure for this disease. Heather and I will be wearing our shirts on race day and we’d love to see you wearing yours too. You don’t even have to live in Columbus, Ohio. If you will help us in supporting Phil by purchasing a t-shirt and taking a picture of you wearing it (preferably on October 17th), I’ll gather all of the photos and post them here on the blog. Together we’ll show Phil our full support and let him know we’re carrying the mat for him. Again, here’s the idea:

1. Go to to read more about Phil and his journey

2. Go to This Web Site to order one of the 2 shirts shown above

3. Wear the shirt on October 17th and email me a picture of you wearing the shirt.

4. Leave me a comment here or through email if you’re planning to purchase a shirt.

If you are running in the Columbus Half Marathon in October too, I’d love to see several of these shirt running the race (again, get pictures). Even if you’re running a different race (5K, walkathon, whatever) before October 17th, wear the shirt and send me the pictures. I am posting this now because we have 6 weeks before the race and I wanted to give plenty of time to make everyone aware. The shirts are $20 (that’s about 50 cents a day from now until race day).

I can’t wait to see all of you wearing the shirts and showing Phil he’s not alone in Dominating this battle!

8 thoughts on “Together We’ll Dominate!

  1. Good cause choice, Aaron. I think we need at least four of us wearing the OSU colored ones doing the O-H-I-O for a pic for his site. 🙂 I’ll most likely get one although I was waiting to see about another possible shirt.

    1. Awesome. We ordered one of each. Heather will be sporting the Maize and Blue and I’ll be sporting the Scarlet and Gray. Since we’re more Carolina fans we can be neutral and wear them both. I love the idea of getting the O-H-I-O picture. I can’t wait to show Phil our support. I know the web and twitter will come through for us.

  2. Did phil tell u about the cancerkicker cols event on osu/uofm gameday? I’m also a runner…plz contact me. Id love to mix ideas!

  3. Barb, I had not heard of that. I’m traveling most of this week. I’ll send you an email to connect. Thanks for reaching out. Look forward to talking to you soon.

  4. Aaron-
    Count me in for the scarlet and gray! My friend and I are running that day too! We will probably both order one! Thanks for alerting us to this great cause!

    1. Excellent Missy! Let’s try to get a picture before the race. If not send me pictures of you and your friend and I’ll add them to the post. Thanks for supporting and good luck running you race!

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