Wow. Did I really only have 2 posts last week? I need to apologize to those that follow regularly because I have been SLAMMED the past few weeks. Between that thing I call my “day job”, flights, rental cars, hotels, presentations, strategic planning and conference calls, I only got 2 posts out last week. Truth be told, one of them was actually a scheduled post which was written weeks ago. All of the above only covers one or two of the many plates that are spinning right now. It’s all good though. I count each plate a blessing and am doing my best to keep them all spinning so none fall down. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s going on in my corner of the world…

1. Relaunched the Journey Church Web Site. No sooner had the leadership team say “Yes”, I was off and running on the redesign and launch of the web presence of our church. We moved quickly and have a final product that we are very excited about. Check it out if you get some time.

2. Building excitement for the launch of the upcoming Max Lucado book “Outlive Your Life” which launches on Tuesday. I said in a previous post, but don’t miss this book friends. It is a call to action and one we all need to read, act and follow through on. It’s probably Max’s best effort. I loved this book!

3. Still reviewing “The Day Metallica Came To Church” by John Van Sloten. I have not given this book the time it deserves (due to all of the above and below). I hope to get it wrapped up and reviewed this week. Stay tuned.

4. Finally got an iPhone. While this has nothing to do with an event so to speak, it is a plate spinning because I’ve been trying to figure the thing out. I love it. It will take some getting used to after having my BlackBerry surgically removed from my hand (not literally).

5. Running in the Dayton Air Force Half Marathon on Saturday with my wife. It’s a good thing we paid for this one months ago because I have been back and forth about running it for months. I say I’m running it with my wife, but truth be told I have a feeling she’ll be waiting on me at the finish. While I have been training, I’m limping my way through this one and….

6. Running in the Columbus Half Marathon on October 17th. I’ve actually loved having this one on the radar now for no other reason that to support If you missed the details of that, get them in my post HERE. Trust me when I say you’ll be reading much more about this one leading up to the event. I am also honored to share the road with several friend that are running their first half marathon. I’ll also be cheering for my wife as she runs the full 26.2 miles for her 4th marathon!

7. “The Boy” and are PUMPED about seeing two of our favorite bands at SonFest on October 2nd. If you look real close on that day, you’ll see a bald dude and his 9 year old son mixin’ it up in “the pit” while listening to Thousand Foot Krutch and Hawk Nelson. We pretty much love both of these bands and have had this on our calendar for months. Can’t wait!

8. Also on October 2nd, if you’re not attending SonFest, make sure to check out David Pendleton presented by Journey Church at 7:00. “The Boy” and I will miss this but it is sure to be a great evening.

9. Speaking of Journey Church, on Sunday, September 29th we are honored to welcome Dr. Bill Brown (President – Cedarville University) to Journey. He’s prepared a special message entitled “Hope for the Journey” and will have members of “OneVoice” with him. Get all of the details (HERE).

10. I’ve got further trips to Indianapolis, Atlanta and San Diego on that calendar in the coming months.

These are just a few of the plates I’ve got spinning right now. I’m sure there will be more once these begin to stop spinning and that is alright. It’s when there are no plates that I won’t know what to do with myself. Thanks for sharing the journey….