I have been blogging about “The Manger” now for a few weeks. Last night we kicked off the first night of this tremendous ministry and the response was overwhelming. The only thought I could walk away with is that there is NO greater gift to receive than the gift of serving, of doing, of helping another in need. Last night, a crowd of people came to “The Manger” to do just that.

They came from many different churches

They came as families

They came to serve

With so many people dedicated to serving the needs of “The Manger”, the evening and shopping experience of each customer was met without delay. I spent most of my evening bouncing between various stations and working at the exit. It was as the customers left that I saw what can’t be described in words. For this evening, this one moment, there was something in the eyes of some of the sons and daughters of the Most High King that are in the valley.

There was a spark

There was a burden lifted

There was a burden shared

There was a smile

There was joy

I can’t say enough how all of this was made possible by the heart to serve. Each aspect and detail was seamless because someone said “I will” and they did. It’s amazing what happens when we, the church, drop our dividing walls and come together to serve. That’s what it’s all about.

If you are interested in serving or giving to “The Manger” there is still time. You can get all of the details HERE.

**The Columbus Dispatch covered “The Manger” in this mornings paper and the response has been amazing so far. You can read that article HERE.