Three Athletes, One God

I mentioned it before, but “the boy” asks an interesting question rather frequently as we watch sporting events. The question is simple, but often I cannot give a clear answer. His question is this… “Hey Dad, is (insert athlete’s name here) a Christian?” Athletes he has asked about in the past are Lebron James, TylerContinue reading “Three Athletes, One God”

3rd Base Coaching Box

This summer marks season 3 of little league baseball for “The Boy” and I. It all started with T-Ball and now we’re in our second year of “Coach Pitch”. Each game I take my place in the 3rd Base Coaching Box to do my best to bring our kids home. For the most part IContinue reading “3rd Base Coaching Box”


I may bleed Carolina Blue, but no matter where I may roam, a large part of my heart belongs to my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Thanks to the ultimate hook-up from my friend Brian, “The Boy” and I had a chance on Saturday night to soak it all in. Check this out: Brian won fourContinue reading “Priceless….”