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  • Being One of Those Parents

    Last weekend we attended a basketball tournament for “The Boy”. The gym was filled with courts, games, teams and parents. I had the chance to observe one team that was […]

  • Guide Them Home

    On New Years Day, “the boy” and I ran in an annual 5K. This was my third year to run this race and his first. I run 4 to 5 […]

  • In 2011 Lead Me

    So often when I listen to music, I don’t “HEAR” it. While I was taking down the Christmas tree and reflecting on life, marriage, children and what the coming year […]

  • Urban Sledding

    Like most of the country, we got hit with our first blast of real winter weather today. It actually provided a great opportunity to stay indoors and relax for a […]

  • Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler

    On Thursday morning we looked out the window as the rain came down. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would get this 4 mile run in. The weatherman […]

  • You’re Beautiful

    Yesterday I sat my 7 year old daughter on my lap and together we listened to this song. As the chorus rang out, I whispered the words into her ear. […]

  • All Pro Dad Day

    Yesterday morning my three kids and I loaded up the van and took the 3 hour journey to Indianapolis for an event we always look forward to. All Pro Dad, […]

  • Has It Really Been That Long?

    Amazing how time flies. Thanks to technology, we get to see the progression on film. Enjoy… The original – “Dance Like No One’s Watching” httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyiHj7A2xIM “With You” httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_DGQ34rtBs “Dynamite” httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2euFFfMiuc

  • Bullies

    A few weeks ago “the boy” told me something casually that at the time didn’t really register an alarm. He said that there is a kid in his class that […]

  • 10 Years Old

    As of tomorrow morning, an entire decade will have gone by since I became a father for the first time. Our first born and the child affectionately known as “the […]

  • Have A Cause?

    For several months now I have been weighing the opportunity to run in the Columbus Half Marathon on October 17, 2010. I have gone back and forth and have yet […]

  • Step by Step

    I started this blog when we were expecting our youngest child over 5 years ago. It has become a blog about our family (among many other things). In many ways, […]

  • Let That Pony Run

    Tomorrow morning marks the start of another school year and the first time that all three of our children will be in school all day. I’m not going to lie […]

  • Proud Papa!

    Yesterday morning two of our three children took part in a kids triathlon sponsored by our local municipal pool. This was the second attempt at the event as last weeks […]

  • The Dad Life

    A funny video to start the week…. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOKuSQIJlog&w=480&h=360&hd=1]

  • Son, there is only one King

    Son, sit down here for a minute or two. Let’s talk about what happened last night and what that really means in the big picture of your life. Son….there is […]

  • Dad…I’m Watching You

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MMEwl9dCt8&w=480&h=360&hd=1] 10 Ways To Be An All Pro Dad Love Your Wife True love is not a feeling. It is a decision. It’s an act of the will to be […]

  • Me and my big mouth

    As Father’s Day approaches, I got a lesson in humility and a reminder that little ears are never too far away. Without going into a lot of details, let me […]

  • Fathers Day? RedEnvelope’s Got You Covered!

    With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be looking for something for that special Dad in your life or family. You might also be looking for ideas that […]

  • Pomp and Circumstance

    As odd as this may sound, this blog and my youngest child will always have an interesting connection. You see, I started this crazy thing over 5 years ago to […]

  • Pomp and Circumstance

    As odd as this may sound, this blog and my youngest child will always have an interesting connection. You see, I started this crazy thing over 5 years ago to […]

  • The White Horse

    We’re a music family. Well actually, I am a music fanatic so the rest of the family doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s usually always on and most times, […]

  • A Lesson In Grace

    Image by lynda@dwc via Flickr Last night I received a lesson and hopefully taught one as well. It was the bedtime hour and I was putting the kiddo’s to bed. […]

  • Cake For Breakfast

    As I posted earlier this week, we had a birthday in our home for our littlest child on Wednesday. Since the event coincided with our House Church we purchased a […]

  • I Wish I Could

    This pretty well sums up what it’s like being a Dad to my 3 kids….

  • Getting Pierced – A Photo Essay

    [showtime] Next up…”the boy” is getting a tattoo. Just kidding….

  • Fatherhood Friday

    The guys over at Dad-Blogs.com do a very cool thing every Friday to coordinate posts from some of the many Dads that blog out there. This is my first entry […]

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